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Max Redford

Like most folks Max was born, but from then on things got strange. Raised on Vienna sausage, potted meat and fried bologna. At a young age he got exposed to high levels of southern-fried weirdness that forced him into using comics, fantasy & science-fiction novels and video games as self-medicate against the symptoms of reality. 

He started writing while still developing as a fetus - He owes all that amniotic fluid swirling around his little, naked body as being the greatest influence to his creative process. 

Lita Stone

I tend to write unapologetic stories chocked full of realism featuring larger than life good guys with bad sides who battle against themselves and other misunderstood folks that you might call 'antagonist'.  My characters often come with their own inner demons, destructive coping mechanism and the constant struggles with the hardships of real life. 

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