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Book One - Wolfe Brothers


"I read this book nonstop. The characters are all great." 

"I like the chemistry and heat coming off of Cam and Maggie, plus Jags and Ajay are hilarious..." 

"The characters were all so good, I love especially Cam, Jags, and Maggie the most. The secondary characters such as Tilly, Star, Ajay were great too." 

***Graphic sex, language and violence*** 

A vicious gang rape leaves Maggie deadened inside. 
For the last decade, Maggie's been on a full-throttle crash course marred with wild men and reckless sex, sex that makes her feel alive. 
If only for that fleeting moment. 
Cam is muscular, tall and dangerous. And Maggie is all about dangerous. 
But Cam is nothing like what she expected. 

He's much worse. 

Book Two -- Wolfe Brothers  


The story is not stand alone. It is best read in order. 

Nate's three-day-old son is dead. Now he finds out the town gigolo has his sights sets on Emily, his little sister. Except she's not so little anymore. She's a woman and unfortunately, not immune to Jags' womanizing stepbrother Ajay. 

Turns out that Star is not the pretentious, frigid snob Jags thought she was. He's fallen for her. Which sucks since she's determined to marry another man. 

And Cam makes plans . . . for murder.

Book Three -- Wolfe Brothers


The story is not stand alone. It is best read in order. 

Jags gets into Rane's head. 

Rane gets into Jags' head. 

Maggie goes head-to-head with Ajay 

And Emily is playing more games.

Book Four - Wolfe Brothers - (The Final) 

After discovering the identity of the Cupcake Killer, each of the Wolfe brothers prepare to put an end to him. 

But each of the brothers will soon face their own darkest hours. 

Blood will be shed. Lives will be threatened. Love will be challenged.

Book One - Nightkin

The human kingdom of Rhenland has manufactured a deadly virus, so lethal it is prophesized to kill the dark elfkin, as well as all oftkin races within a millenia.


Sonny Gris is human, a member of the savage race the Nightkin have warred with for thousands of years.


Her blood can save their race.


If the great Prince Vidar will have her.


And she him.

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