It's not easy being a writer

It’s not easy being a writer, guys. And for the record, “guys” is unisex -- at least in my book.

I don’t have a degree in creative writing, never even paid for a course. Couldn’t afford it even if I’d wanted to. Plus, I have a little problem with people telling other people how to be creative and how to express themselves.

Maybe I don’t do this the “right” way. But it brings me so much joy and pride to do it my way and to have so many people say they love it. There’s probably a hundred people out there who are going to say I’m doing it all wrong compared to the ten who tell me to keep on doin’ it the way I’m doin’ it.

You ten people . . . you guys are awesome! No seriously, you are all fucking awesome! I want to know you all by name -- please, drop me a line: And if I’m ever in your hometown then I’m gonna invite you to have a drink (or two, or three) with me. We’ll raise the roof wherever.

I’m no rock star. Can’t play a chord to save my goddamn life. But that doesn’t stop me from writing like a rock star -- a punk rocker, even! Without a label. I don’t want to be held back or restricted or censored by the upper-hands.

When you read a book written by me, it’s raw and uncensored -- and it’s meant to be read that way.

If you want to read commercialized fiction that adheres to all the genre rules, then there’s plenty of that already out there.

But that’s not me. Won’t ever be me.

I’m Max Redford. And that’s who I will always be.

I’m not just an indie author.

Lots of indie authors do it ‘cause it’s easier than going through the Big Fives, the big NY publishers -- Random, Hatchet, Penguin, Simon . . .

I do it out of spite toward them.

My work could probably benefit from an editor.

But how much would it suffer from an editor?

It’s hard being a writer.

But it’s fun being a punk.

So c’est la vie! Bite me! Fuck you!

I’m here to stay, baby!

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