Seriously! What is this crap about guys not reading romance? All you chestbeaters are making all guys seem like neanderthals. It's ridiculous! Put down your Tom Clancy and John Grishams and pick up some J.R. Ward and Lora Leighs!

My wife and I read romance books together -- we even make recommendations for each other!

Men's erotica is bullshit. No emotion, no realism. Real women aren't empty-minded husk with pussies and tits and assholes for you to put your dick in.

Did you know that women make up the largest demographic of readers? And did you know that romance is the bestselling genre of all? Most likely your girlfriend or wife is reading a romance/erotica story right now and she's getting aroused by it.

Maybe you should pick up a few of the books she's reading and learn a thing or two?

Maybe your sex life would be better.

Or maybe you're too macho for that kinda of gay shit?

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