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Wolfe Brothers Saga - Cast


Bred bi-coastally, Sam often says her heart is in New York and her soul is in California. An avid traveler and adventurer, she can usually be spotted with a backpack, a loaded podcast playlist, a towel and flip flops, and an extra pair of contact lenses, just in case.


a Voice Over Artist that has a lot of range and flexibility, doing anything from commercials, to character work, long form narration; be in fiction or non-fiction audio books and more.


will work with you as well as your feedback to ensure you get the voice, accent and intonation you need to bring your project to life.


a South Carolina born theatrical-based actor. He enjoys competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and doing his own stunts in film and on stage. 


. . . specialize in delivering natural sounding character dialogue for young women and teens, but am capable of much more.


. . . went to school for musical theater and music education . .. . take great pride in my work, as well as the community of friends I've met along the way.

William English III.png

William English III

. . . always loved anime, videogames, and acting, and after graduating from college with a B.A. in both Theatre Arts and Psychology and multiple years of acting and improv, decided to pursue voice acting professionally.



.  . . sweet female voice good for young and middle-aged roles (and anything inbetween)

Black Deity.jpg.png

David Cook

. . . performed voice over for a few years, influenced by the late great Adolph Caesar and Keith David....have pro-set-up and does own editing...always a quick turn around, very dedicated and dependable for long ongoing projects.


Victor Thomas

. . . a tenor with the flexibility of range doing characters and narration reads, been a professional actor since 1991 on stage and film as well as  on screen for over 25 years.


. . .a smooth female voice, an energetic and raspy young boy voice, or a southern accent, Mercedes has got the range for it. All of her performances are energetic and full of life.


Elizabeth Ryan

. . . heavily inspired to pursue voice acting thanks to all the video games I played and the anime I watched while growing up, was involved in drama club, being in a total of 9 productions across 6 years. This continued into college.


Matt Haynes

You get the performance you envisioned, guaranteed. recorded in a sound treated space to ensure the best quality, will coordinate to provide the best timely performance.


. . . powerful, emotional, sarcastic or with wit, Taylor can do it all,  a wide range of emotions and motivations performed authentically with great nuance. 


. . . A cat dad, DnD enthusiast, world traveled geek with a love and passion for acting, a graduate from Roosevelt University with a B.F.A. in Acting.

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